What we do

Forex Metal takes pride in being the guiding light for its clients and helping them pursue their financial goals. Understanding the dilemma of the current market trends, we aim to take passion of trading to next level by delivering an unparalleled trading experience. Forex Metal has been striving for years to help the traders make a fortune with our ingenious model of Referral Marketing, where we help traders to reap the benefits by securing the capital of the Investor. Our team is dedicated to build confidence amongst the traders by creating a platform that allows the trader to get the most competitive prices with our No Dealing Desk (NDD) execution.

We are obliged to achieve a benchmark of –“One Million Millionaire". We are determined towards making each of our customers economically strong by guiding them in their progress for better future, eventually trying to bring an optimistic change in the society. With commitment and faith in Forex-Metal, we ensure that our unique compensation plan will help our clients earn huge sums of money in a short span of time. All we need is our clients' commitment and faith in us so that we can aid them in achieving their priceless dreams effortlessly. Although we have taken the support of Network Marketing, our traditional business is what we are actually comfortable in. Our key objective is to help 1 million clients pursue their dreams by acquiring a premium account of € 12000 with us as decided after 9 (nine) Cycles. After meeting this benchmark, we will close MLM project officially and assist our valued clients with our long-established business that is satiating its customers since 2005.

Working with Forex Metal is like working with your own reliable team, where we walk hand in hand towards the path of growth and success. We are solely determined to offer 100% genuine project to our valuable clients so that they can fulfill their enduring dreams effortlessly. With our dedicated efforts and expertise, we aspire to change the world’s perception towards Investment Plan and Multi Level Marketing.

With our extensive research and powerful trading tools, we ensure that every trader discovers solutions to execute their strategies. Be it a beginner or an experienced trader, Forex Metal offers an array of account features to explore and enhance their potential by refining their trading strategy.

About Us

We are one of the premium providers of online Forex trading services, offering periphery FX and merchandise trading to individuals as well as institutional clients globally. Our fast implementation and flexible influence options help us stand apart as an industry leader. Ranked 52nd in the world, we are present in the countries of American and European continents since 2005. Being the broker of FX and CFD, we are highly devoted to complete transparency, honesty, and quality service in all areas of our provision. We are committed to reaching the world of countless possibilities and we hope to help you in mounting your wealth with assurance. The leading edge technology and brilliant economic strategies used by Forex-Metal, helps us provide the finest online forex trading and currency information services to our clients. We have access to one of the world's largest historical, high frequency, filtered currency databases.

With competitive pricing, consistency and clarity; we have created a benchmark in our industry and we plan to persevere in the long run. We've spent a lot of time investing in expertise so that we can constantly quote tight market and implement your deals fast without any physical interference - as per your price expectation or a better one. We want our clients to explore their ultimate earning potential, so we invest in supplying the tools and market insight to help discover new trading prospects.By sharing our keenness, intellect, and zeal for trading, we aspire to be the most reliable financial service provider. We offer our client and partners with the most trustworthy brokerage solutions and investment options. Our achievement is measured by how well we meet our clients' requirements and the positive influence that our decisions tend to make on clients' accomplishments. We believe this makes us different from our contenders and gives you the best possibility of victory in the Forex market.

Our Vision

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We are determined to change the world's perception towards Investment Plan and Multi-level Marketing. With our one of its kind Multilevel Marketing program, we aspire to help the individuals explore their potential and assess themselves for personal and professional accomplishments.

With cutting-edge technology and years of experience, we consider ourselves to be creative enough in this domain of work, to inspire better lives for our clients. With clear policies and decent business customs, we desire to see Forex Metal as the most promising Multilevel Marketing firm.

At Forex metal, we consider human resources as a foundation to construct the company. We are proud of the belief and acknowledgment we receive from our clients and that's why we wish to consistently delight our customers and direct them towards betterment.

Our Mission

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Our mission is to deliver a superlative trading experience to all clients. We constantly invest in new technologies, to offer our clients with a varied range of trading products and an outstanding level of customer facility which is continually included with new value added services for clients.

Our goal is to lead the international economic market, global development and to provide a professional, regulatory and local solution for every client, at any part of the world.

We are sure that in the coming years of Multi Level Marketing we will excel in creating a history. Our outstanding quality in products, services and support will help most of the Commoners to make a fortune and many Millionaires to build more capital.

At Forex metal, we appreciate the significance of client freedom. And so we intend to provide our clients with the necessary refined and pioneering tools to become a booming trader along flexibility, Convenience and Opportunity.

Forex Trading

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At Forex Metal, we offer a broad collection of services to cater individual or business needs. We keep the risk capital to a least amount while helping individuals make huge sums of profits. The necessity of exchanging currencies is the key reason why the Forex market is the largest and the most liquid economic market in the world. Forex trading is leveraged and brokers utilise this influence to raise their exposure to currencies and enlarge their potential profits. At Forex Metal, we offer some of the most reasonable margin rates in the retail Forex industry and our leverage model allows you to select your preferred leverage ratios to suit your exact trading approach and method.

Unlike established equity markets, we allow you to trade on any price movement up or down. You can go long on a currency pair when you hope the first currency will toughen against the second currency and your profits will enhance in line with any increase as the exchange rate goes up. Forex trading is a 24-hour flea market that will give you the elasticity to trade Forex full-time or part-time, whenever your timetable or routine permits. As the major markets in the world, Forex trading offers outstanding liquidity at all hours of the business days. At Forex Metal, our offering matches the fundamental market that means our platform is available to trade 24-hours a day. Besides technical trading at Forex Metal, we also offer distinctive opportunities to trade primary changes in financial systems around the world.

Multi-level marketing

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Multi-level marketing also termed to as 'Network marketing' is an approach that some direct sales companies use to support their existing distributors to hire new distributors by paying the existing distributors a percentage of their recruited sales.

Multi Level Marketing has become one of the most popular ways to do direct-sales business. The initiation of the Internet has amplified it popularity amongst the masses. The benefit of this lies in the fact that marketers can get a deep access in the market in a short period of time. Forex Metal steps in to help people explore and leverage their earning potential. At Forex Metal we build confidence amongst the individuals and encourage them to start over and make a fortune without hanging onto a traditional business schema. In addition to this we will help them be your own boss and work according to your self-comfort. Maximum millionaires have made their money from Multilevel Marketing. Multi-level marketing is a leveraged business itself so our main objective is to help our Associates find and satiate their requirements and be a helping hand to those who desire to create their own businesses. We help consumers to leverage on the efforts of their guided help and expert assistance provided to the subsequent. With transparency and flexibility throughout, we wish to develop a win-win situation for all the consumers.

The main advantage of choosing us is our low start-up cost, actually negligible when evaluated with other forms of marketing and trading. In addition to other benefits you can get comfort of managing this business from home and reaching out to a wide number of people without the constraints of nationality or geography. Apart from this, we also give the privilege of flexibility in time management. With Multilevel Marketing, it has become possible for individuals to take control of their lives by taking advantage of the underlying freedom that helps them to make a choice of spending their time into whatever they want.

You can now create your own business and enjoy the other perks that take your life towards betterment with Multilevel Marketing.

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