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We are one of the premium providers of online Forex trading services, offering periphery FX and merchandise trading to individuals as well as institutional clients globally. Our fast implementation and flexible influence options help us stand apart as an industry leader. Ranked 52nd in the world, we are present in the countries of American and European continents since 2005. Being the broker of FX and CFD, we are highly devoted to complete transparency, honesty, and quality service in all areas of our provision. We are committed to reaching the world of countless possibilities and we hope to help you in mounting your wealth with assurance. The leading edge technology and brilliant economic strategies used by Forex-Metal, helps us provide the finest online forex trading and currency information services to our clients. We have access to one of the world's largest historical, high frequency, filtered currency databases.

With competitive pricing, consistency and clarity; we have created a benchmark in our industry and we plan to persevere in the long run. We've spent a lot of time investing in expertise so that we can constantly quote tight market and implement your deals fast without any physical interference - as per your price expectation or a better one. We want our clients to explore their ultimate earning potential, so we invest in supplying the tools and market insight to help discover new trading prospects.By sharing our keenness, intellect, and zeal for trading, we aspire to be the most reliable financial service provider. We offer our client and partners with the most trustworthy brokerage solutions and investment options. Our achievement is measured by how well we meet our clients' requirements and the positive influence that our decisions tend to make on clients' accomplishments. We believe this makes us different from our contenders and gives you the best possibility of victory in the Forex market.

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